Agencies support

Agencies support

Agencies support

With the same level of commitment and support, which I offer to my individual clients, I love working with Marketing & PR agencies as well as with Video production companies and Digital studios, to help them help their clients.

MY services

You can commission me as a filmmaker who will look after you or your client's project from the initial brief to the final delivery. That includes the pre-production, the filming and the post-production.

You can choose to commission my traditional, aerial or 360 VR videography and photography services to capture the footage you need for you or your client.

If you already have raw footage filmed, you can commission my professional post-production skills to transform it into a compelling and engaging piece of visual storytelling.

In addition to that, all my add-on Photography & DesignWeb & IT and Consultancy services are at your disposal as well.

All of this at preferential business-to-business rates.

Working with Agencies

As an agency,  you've done a great job gaining insight into your clients, creating their brand and coming up with a marketing and PR strategy. Being a powerful marketing tool, you want to utilise video as a part of this strategy to tell your client's story and convey their message.

To remain in line with the brand you're creating for your client, all my video production and post-production work will be inspired and influenced by your brief and the work you've done so far for them.

Working with production companies

Production and film companies can benefit from my freelance services as well. I can work in pre-production, on-set as a freelance videographer or take charge of the post-production of their projects.

For seven years I've been successfully working with Captive8 Media, becoming de-facto their post-production department and we produced together more than a thousand corporate, trade show and promotional videos.

See what Matthew Stokes has to say about our work:

I work for you, not for the end client

By commissioning my services you're effectively adding a video production branch to your company. Although I can, and probably will have to communicate directly with your clients on the creative part of the project, I will never discuss prices with them, I will not take any extra work from them without it going through you and I will not quote them directly as, in my eyes, they are your client, not mine.

Stefan Bogdanov
Video producer & Director

CAA licensed drone pilot
360° videographer

Post-production specialist:
Video editing
Colour grading
Motion graphics
Animations and VFX

Mobile: +44 (0) 7934 785845