Collaborative work

Collaborative work

Collaborative work

I really enjoy collaborating with other filmmakers on different projects. Usually, I work with photographers who are adding video production to their service portfolio.

How does It work?

In most cases, when I work with photographers, I'm bringing my video production and post-production skills to the table, along with my general filmmaking know-how. We complete projects together, and by doing that, we shorten the production time. For example, we're able to film everything we need in one day instead of two. I would usually do the videos' editing, and they would be in charge of the stills post-production. The work is truly collaborative - we exchange ideas and knowledge, we advise each other on what we do best. The advantage of working with a fellow photographer or videographer is that you work as a team; you can provide your clients with a bigger set of services and solutions, reducing at the same time the production period in half.

R Gill Photography

My collaboration with the photographer Richard Gill started when we met at a networking event and talked about our work. He had a big video project coming and felt he needed help with the post-production.  With time, something that started as a simple post-production freelance grew to true collaboration. We combine our strengths and skills to provide our clients with the best video and photography solutions. Make sure to read the Casambi: Ulster Hospital case study - an excellent example of successful professional collaboration.

JL Photography

Another example of a successful collaboration is my work with Juliet Lemon - a talented photographer from London, adding professional video production to her services. I advise her on the technical aspects of videography, she does her magic filming beautiful footage, and I complete the production process in my post-production studio. An excellent example of our work is the Sabrine and Adrian wedding - a touching story about how we were able to help a couple in trouble on their wedding day.

Sabrine and Adrian had booked Julliet as the wedding photographer and another person to produce their wedding day video. To their disappointment, the videographer let them down - he did not show up on the day. Juliet decided to film some short video clips along with the photos, and I put them together in a short music video. They didn't expect to have any video of their wedding, and their reactions when we sent them this little memorabilia of the day, free of charge, was heartwarming:


I'm really proud of being able to advise my collaborators on everything related to videography, video editing, and filmmaking.  The art and craft of filmmaking is an amazing world, and sharing my knowledge and experience with my collaborators brings me real joy and reassures me that we will always deliver the very best to our clients.

Stefan Bogdanov
Video producer & Director

CAA licensed drone pilot
360° videographer

Post-production specialist:
Video editing
Colour grading
Motion graphics
Animations and VFX

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