Individual clients

Helping Individual Clients

Helping Individual Clients

As a freelance filmmaker, I provide my individual clients with complete turn-key solutions for their video projects.

Before the camera is rolling

I always try first to get familiar with my client, their activities and goals. Their ethos and philosophy. I aim to understand their brand as much as possible and to get to know them personally.

This close connection and this better understanding of their personality or business as a whole help when we discuss the idea of the video they envision.

When the concept, the style and the structure of the message are determined, it's time to film it.

the Filming process

At this moment, the full range of my video production and post-production services are at my client's disposal.

I work closely with them accommodating their work schedule. I give them a choice of filming options and locations.

I believe my clients find the filming process to be easy and enjoyable. On the set, I'm friendly and supportive, I never rush, I direct gently, and I would always help if they struggle. I do everything in my power to film them at their best. In his video testimonial, Paul Aisthorpe from Scale-Ability shares his thoughts about me and my work method while filming the introductory interview for his Magical Mentoring Videos.

the Post-production

In post-production, I construct the narrative from the best footage, and if needed, provide different versions of the final video for the client to choose their preferred option.  We discuss the draft videos, and I apply any corrections required.  It usually requires one round of updates to get a result that everyone is happy with.

the Support

I'm always there for my clients, and they can rely on my support whenever they need it. I will respond to any query almost immediately during the working hours and within one or two hours outside the normal working time or during the weekends.

See what some of my clients have to say about me and my services in the Testimonials section.

The case studies

If you're want to know more about my work process, you can read the Lid Assist case study where I share my experience working not only on the Lid Assist promo video but supporting the brand afterwards by building their website, branding their social media accounts and designing their Kickstarter campaign.

You can also read  Pringle Homes, Hamilton Houses or The Big PNE sleep out case studies to see the different styles and messages of videos to suit different audiences.

Stefan Bogdanov
Video producer & Director

CAA licensed drone pilot
360° videographer

Post-production specialist:
Video editing
Colour grading
Motion graphics
Animations and VFX

Mobile: +44 (0) 7934 785845