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Case study - Lid Assist

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Case study

Lid Assist

Client: Scott Baldwin, Lid Assist Ltd.

The Lid Assist project is a great example of the turn-key solutions I can offer to my clients. The project includes videography and video editing, product photography, graphic and web design, as well as web-hosting and continuous IT support.

Scot contacted me in December 2019 via an online form on my SBSCreative website after looking online for a local video producer. He posed a simple question - can I make a promotional video for his new invention. I was intrigued.

After a brief exchange of emails, we met in a pub in January 2020. We talked about ourselves and our businesses in general. We spoke about his invention, and we discussed how I, as a filmmaker, could help Scott promote it.

He also told me that he took part in BBC One's show The Customer Is Always Right, and his episode would be aired in April. He wanted the video to be ready by then. We agreed to meet again in a week or two and discuss the ideas I would develop for the video.


Lid Assist is a clamp that attaches to the wheelie bin lid to keep it in a vertical position when you open it. It's a fascinating and handy tool, and I had to come up with a video that not only shows the product and its features but makes the viewer eager to buy it right away.

An engaging promotional video should have at least two of these three characteristics:

  1. To be entertaining
  2. To be informative
  3. To be inspiring

The main goal of the Lid Assist video was to inform the viewer about the device, so we had one of the boxes ticked. I wouldn't think of a wheelie bin accessory as an inspiring product, so the video should've been entertaining in style.

So I decided to make a lighthearted video with carefree music and a funny animated character as the main protagonist. At our next meeting with Scott, we discussed the idea and scheduled the filming dates.

Principal filming

Filming the video footage took me less than a day in total. First, I captured the Lid Assist, the wheelie bin and all the interactions with the device in Scott's back garden and kitchen. I used  Canon C100 m II with both Canon EF 24-105mm and Sigma 10-20mm lens.

I filmed some additional footage - spilt garbage, for example - in the back alley of my house.

In addition to that, I made a lightbox photo session, taking stills of the device on a white and back background.


To create the Lid Assist story, I needed to put together several different elements in the post-production - the video footage, an animated character, product stills, packaging artwork, music and voiceover.

The animated character.  It would've been too pricy and time-consuming to create an animated character from scratches. I purchased a pre-made animated character template and customised it to my needs.

The voiceover. We found a really talented voiceover actor on Fiverr who delivered the text funnily and entertainingly - exactly as I wanted.

Scott was really pleased with the first draft version, and without any corrections nor amends, it became the final one:

I've also cut several shorter version with a different music track that we planned to use on different social media channels.

Lid Assist online presence

Scott didn't have any website, nor social media accounts, except a basic Facebook page.

I offered him to build the Lid Assist website and set up his online presence through various social media channels. With the airing of his episode of BBC One's The customer is always right approaching, he wanted to promote his presence at the show as soon as possible, so we decided to focus on the social media channels first.

I created and branded Scott's personal and company LinkedIn pages, the Lid Assist YouTube channel, Twitter account, and a Facebook group, which was also created and branded for the event. I've set up the Lid Assist Goggle business account and linked the social channels to Google Analytics.

Website & Kickstarter campaign

When the episode was aired, Scott decided to use the momentum to lunch a Kickstarter campaign to fund the tool's production, and he commissioned me to build the Lid Assist website and design the campaign page.

Scott had already bought several domain names and had an account set up with a hosting provider. I offered him to host his website on my servers at a much better hosting subscription plan. When I finished with the IT tasks that I had to perform to move the domains names and redirect the online traffic, I build the Lid Assist website using WordPress - the platform I prefer for web site development.

Yuo can take a look at it: Lid Assist website.

For the website and the Kickstarter campaign, I needed new stills of the device and its usage. I asked my son to model for a new photo session to keep the production cost low. For the photo session, I used Nikon D3200 with an 18-50mm Nikon lens.

I designed the layout of the Kickstarter campaign page and prepared all the photos and graphics for it.

I also used one of the short versions of the video as a campaign video:

You can see the campaign page here.

Unfortunately, the campaign was not successful, in my opinion, mostly because Scott relied only on the BBC show to gain publicity and rushed the campaign without having built a larger audience to support it first.

In the months following the campaign, Scott returned to the drawing board and came up with a new and improved device design.


Once again, he commissioned me for a new photo session. I've photographed the new device for the Instructions leaflet along with some new photos for the website.

And a new video is on the horizon.

I really enjoy working with Scott. Lid Assist is a great little device that makes life a bit easier, and I hope its future is bright.


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SBSCreative did a great job creating a product video for us. Stefan continues to produce outstanding work, for example, building our website. Stefan is friendly and provides a quality service.

Scott Baldwin Owner, Lid Assist Ltd.

Stefan Bogdanov
Video producer & Director

CAA licensed drone pilot
360° videographer

Post-production specialist:
Video editing
Colour grading
Motion graphics
Animations and VFX

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