The road so far has been challenging and exciting at the same time. The experience I've gained working in both TV & Film and the Marketing & Advertising worlds honed my video production, post-production and design skills, and granted me the confidence that the professional services I'm offering are flexible, reliable and to the highest industry standards.

I've always been result-driven. My aim as a filmmaker and video producer is to help my clients achieve their goals and boost their online presence, to help their message be seen, be heard and be remembered.

My skills and expertise can benefit Individual clients, such as SMEs or large organisations and businesses. I also offer the whole range of my services to PR, Digital Agencies and Production Companies on reduced rates or subscription plans. Please check my company website to find out more about different offers, price ranges and subscriptions.

As a freelance filmmaker, I can independently produce, direct, film and edit your videos or films. By taking ownership of the project from its very beginning, I will manage, conceptualise, script and plan it. My videography and directing skills and professional video equipment will allow me to complete the principal filming in time and on budget. My post-production expertise is an assurance that you'll receive an engaging and moving video, made to the highest industry standarts.

As a story-driven freelance post-production specialist, I enjoy constructing a narrative and creating visual stories from the best parts of any filmed footage and spicing them up with impressive graphics, animations and VFX. Working form my own studio, I offer the full range of post-produciton services including video and audio editing, colour corrections and colour grading. I can create and add to your videos motion graphics, kinetic topography and animations. In addition, my experience as a film VFX artist allows me to ofer complex VFX creation services such as motion tracking and rotoscoping, chroma keying, and 2D & 3D effects creation and compositing.

Videography Services

Depending on the production needs and the equipment, my videography services can be divided in three major categories – Traditional, Aerial and 360 VR Videography. These services can be used separately. For example, for Pringle Homes I only did Aerial Videography. Or they can work in concert with each other as in Casambi and Hamilton Houses projects.

Experienced with various cameras, sound and lighting equipment, I can guarantee a smooth and enjoyable filming process with stylish results, delivered on time and on budget.

With my freelance aerial videography and photography services, you can see your next projects from a drone's-eye view thus adding a new dimension and perspective to your videos.

My 360 VR service is all about creating memorable, immersive and cost-effective VR content such as 360-degrees panoramic videos and photos and interactive virtual tours.

Complementary Services

Complementary Services

In addition to my core video production and post-production services, I also offer graphic and web design and hosting as complementary services. You can also hire me as a consultant for your project. If you need a true turn-key solution that includes the production of your new video, the design of your website and the set-up of your social media presence, look no further. The Lid Assist project is an excellent example of a client benefiting from the entire service package.

To showcase further your project, you can benefit from my complementary product and property photography services as well as from my graphic design and pre-press skills and knowledge.

If you need a place to call home online, I can build and host your new WordPress website. I can also set up and brand any of your social media channels and accounts.

I can help and advise businesses or individuals on evaluating their next project. Every content creator can also consult me on the art and craft of video production and post-production.