As a blanket term, a filmmaker usually describes anyone involved in film production.

As a freelance filmmaker, I can independently produce, direct, film and edit your videos or films. I will manage and look after your project from beginning to end.

Any typical video project has these distinct production stages:


First comes the planning stage. It comprises several different phases:

1. Creating the concept and brainstorming ideas. At the beginning of any project, I sit with the client, and we talk. I try to get to know them and their business as much as possible. We set the goals and the targets of the video and clarify its message.

2. Scriptwriting and visualisation. I choose what type of video would best suit the client, and I create its structure and style.  I communicate the creative idea using storyboards, sketches, script drafts, and any additional visual material to make them feel the planned video's mood and understand its aesthetics. Then we discuss how we can achieve all this in the best possible way within the allocated budget.

3. Once everything is agreed on, it's time to organise and plan the production. Typically, that includes deciding where, how, and what to film.  Then scheduling the principal filming and post-production, inviting the people to be filmed, casting talents and hiring the crew.  Also, it means scouting and choosing locations, getting permissions, and insuring the production.

Principal Filming

As the title suggests, this is the stage where all the filming happens. As a freelance videographer, with my wide range of professional video production equipment, I can work alone or as a part of a larger team. I'm fully equipped for single or multi-camera UHD and 4k production, on set audio recording and location lighting. My services include traditional filming, Aerial videography and photography, 360 degrees VR content creation, as well as product and property photography. On location, I'm friendly and patient, easy to communicate with and focused on problem-solving and achieving the best possible outcome during the filming day.

Here is what Paul Aisthorpe from Scale-Ability Ltd had to say about my work style and interaction wiht people on set.


It's in my professional post-production studio where everything comes together. First, I create a draft cut and show it to the client. We then discuss all the necessary corrections and amendments, and I continue the post-production process until we both agree that there is nothing more to be added, removed or tweaked. For a typical project, one or two editing rounds are enough for the final video to be signed off. As for delivery, it is usually done online - I upload the final version on my dedicated cloud or FTP storage, and the client downloads it from there. I can also deliver via a direct transfer service.

As a freelance filmmaker, this is my typical workflow in a nutshell. If you are curious to see some real-world examples, you can read the  Lid-Assist or Casambi case studies.

Beyond traditional filmmaking

My Aerial Videography and 360 VR solutions can add a truly multi-dimensional visual experience to any project. The workflow remains the same, only the tools change.

Content creator

With more than 15 years of experience in video production, post-production and design, I can undertake any creative project as a solo operator using my own equipment and post-production studio. I can also be commissioned by other professionals to work on their projects..

Stefan Bogdanov
Video producer & Director

CAA licensed drone pilot
360° videographer

Post-production specialist:
Video editing
Colour grading
Motion graphics
Animations and VFX

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