Video editing and Post-production

Video editing and Post-production

Video editing and Post-production

As well as being an integral part of my filmmaking workflow, I offer my entire range of post-production services on a freelance basis to PR, Marketing and Advertising Agencies, Creative Digital Studios and Video & Film production companies. My video editing skill can also benefit any independent filmmakers, photographers, videographers and content creators.

post-production specialist

I'm adept at editing various genres or different types of video content. My previous work includes editing documentaries, short fiction movies and TV shows, being involved in post-production and VFX of several movies as well as creating visual content for multimedia stage performances. In the past 7 years, I've edited more than one thousand corporate, promotional, advertisement and education videos, event coverage, case studies, short-form films and music-based videos.

As an experienced filmmaker and film director, I am highly skilled at constructing a narrative in the edit even if I'm only provided with the project's raw footage. In most cases a short brief is enough, a project does not require to be fully pre-produced, storyboarded or shot listed, although this helps and saves time.

Post-production services

I'm highly skilled and experienced in all the aspects of the post-production. Here the list of the services that I provide:

  1. Video and sound editing,
  2. Colour correction and colour grading,
  3. Sound mixing, sound design and foley,
  4. Creation and implementations of 2D effects, animations and graphics.
  5. Kinetic typography, adding subtitles and text overlays.
  6. Green/blue screen keying and composing.
  7. VFX work: rotoscoping, wire removal, 2D and 3D compositing.
  8. Media management.
Post-production Facilities

I work from my own post-production studio on high-end post-production workstations equipped with professional video monitors. The fast file transfer rates, provided by my high-speed internet connection, along with my dedicated cloud and FTP storage, allows me to work remotely and to provide clients all across the globe with my video editing and post-production skill.


Watch what one of my regular clients has to say about my post-production work:

I love working in post-production. The feeling of something new taking form and shape, actually being born with the help of skills and expertise, is irreplaceable. and the kind words of my clients, the testimonials and google reviews show me that I'm doing something right.

Stefan Bogdanov
Video producer & Director

CAA licensed drone pilot
360° videographer

Post-production specialist:
Video editing
Colour grading
Motion graphics
Animations and VFX

Mobile: +44 (0) 7934 785845